Outdoor Members, League Members, Platform Members & Court Owners are also considered Indoor Members!


All who purchase seasonal court time or a spot in a seasonal game are considered court owners & therefore become "indoor members"

2020-2021   INDOOR SEASON32  WEEKS

Begins Monday, September 28th  –  Ends Sunday, May 9th

Rules for Seasonal Court Owners

  • Must give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation in order to BANK your court or SELL your court for credit.  

  • If you choose to "bank" unused court time, you have until June 30th, 2021 to use it. 

  • If you choose for us to sell your court time, you will receive credit back = to 70% of what we sell it for.

  • In the case of seasonal games:

    • if you get your own sub EHIT is happy to facilitate the money trade & debit the player/credit you for the full share; 

    • If we get the sub, you will receive 70% of what we sold the share for.​​ ​

**Please see the chart below which shows a break down of the credit rates for 2020-2021 seasonal court owners**

                                                              Credits for Seasonal Court Sales